Hand Crafted Pens

Small collection of the different pens

Small collection of the different pens

Impress your colleagues with an elegant handmade reproduction of a very popular “Parker” 1920 pen design.  All pens made of 24KT gold, and come in several different finishes.  Some of the pens come with a comfort grip. Many wood styles are available.

The wood in these pens are finished in a hand rubbed lacquer for long lasting and a durable finish.

These pens start at only $24.95, depends on the wood used in creating the pen.  Please email us for additional information.

This site is under construction! More to come as we develop our site to bring you more crafts.

# ROSE_2001  This pen is made of Rosewood, which is a beautiful color, and with time will get darker.  The comfort grip is great for the person who is using the pen a lot.  This one would make a great present or something to impress your colleagues.  $27.95 each.


This pen is a brushed gold, or satin finish!

# SPLTMAP_2005 This pen is out of spalted maple, which is one of the most sought after wood for Pens and Bowls.  This pen is designed for a person with larger hand, and the shaft has been left a little larger.  The finish is hand rubbed lacquer for a long lasting and durable finish.  Price is $29.95.  The finish is a Bright 24kt gold. The mechanisms is a  twist pen and uses the Cross style refills.


OAK_Slimline  This is a beautiful ladies pen made from Red Oak.  It is a trim and very elegant pen that would fit lifestyle.  The finish is a bright 24kt gold and wood is hand rubbed lacquer for a durable and long lasting pen.  Price 27.95 each


PK_5001 – Is a two tone wood made up of Rosewood and Maple, to form a beautiful color contrast.  Finish in a bright 24kt gold with twist works.  This pen take a Cross refill.  $26.95 each.


I have received some very unique woods that are going to make great looking pens.  I will upload as soon as possible.   If you do not see the wood you would like, let us know and we can custom make any of our pens out of the wood of your choice.  Thanks for looking.