Wine Stoppers


Wine Stoppers come in different styles and a variety of woods, including white oak, red oak, maple, cherry, walnut and cedar woods.  Other exotic woods are available.  Designs may vary from ones pictured because they are individually crafted by hand.

These beautiful Wine Stopper are only $25.00.  Please email us for additional information.  Discounts apply for orders of 15 or more.  Contact for information.

This shopper is made from Cherry and finished with a clear lacquer for years protection.

Cherry with chrome

Look for many more woods as we have a limited supply at this time.  I have just received Walnut, Red Cedar, Maple, Poplar, Red Elm and Persimmon.  Will get the photos loaded as soon as possible.

STOP-05  This stopper is another Cherry finished in hand rubbed lacquer for a long lasting and durable finish.   You will enjoy this for years.  $25.00 each.


STOP_8  Is a Red Oak with a chrome base.  These Red Oak are made with salvage wood.  The grain is very close and beautiful.   This is finished in a hand rubbed lacquer for a long lasting and durable finish.  Several designed in the Red Oak, price $25.00.


A large white oak tree fell in our yard during the last snow storm.  We have dried it and the wood has very interesting characteristics.  This is great looking wood and each stopper has unique, individual markings.

crafts-058 crafts-049