Out of Stock

Merry Christmas to you all!  Thank you for looking at my site and I hope we have what you are looking for.  You may notice a lot of  “sold out” notices among the stock.  We have had a very busy Fall and the early Christmas shoppers have taken their toll on the inventory.  I am working frantically to get the sold out items replaced.  Please let me know if you see something that is “sold out”.  I will do my best to have it to you before the 25th!!!

This is a  picture of one of our Corporate gift orders that is ready for to be mailed out.  I hope that they all enjoy their gift for years to come.

Thanks again for looking.  Let me know if there is any product you are interested in and I will do my best to have it to put under the tree.  I want to thank everyone and apologize for not building up the stock enough to cover the orders.  I will be posting new items and restocking the existing items as quickly as I can.  I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

New Pottery For the Holidays

Hope everyone has had a great start to the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is behind us and Christmas is just right around the corner.   For this reason, I have make a new line of vases, with a frog to hold the plants.  This is a great addition and brightens  up any table.  It brings in a little of the outside from the spring, even though it is gloomy outside.

It has been a great hit at the local flower club, and received great reviews.  I will be uploading several for sale as soon as we get them out of the kiln.  I have thrown several in white clay and some in a light brown clay base.  Each clay will give a different finish, even using the same glaze.