Hackberry Bowl

I started a new bowl using Hackberry.  I secured this piece of wood through ebay, but really do not know anything about this type of wood.  Does anyone else know anything about it?  It is a light colored wood with some interesting dark markings in it and is turning very well. It has a great looking grain with spalting.  The bowl measures about 9 inches wide and 4 inches deep.  

I will post the finish bowl on the sales page next week.  I was almost done, but needed to be finished the bottom.  Thanks for looking and if we can assist you in any ways, please let us know.

New Bowls

Thanks for your patience as the new lathe is taking longer than I would have thought.  I have had to order a new chuck and new mandrel.  It will be up and running in the next several weeks.  I have several bowls in progress.  These include three in maple and one in the spalted maple.  I will also get the largest bowl that I have done when the lathe is up and running.  I will try to post pictures of the rough cut bowl.

I will be lowering the prices on a lot of the inventory to get more interest in the site.  Need to tell your friends to get the lower prices for as long as they last.

Thanks for everyone who has purchased in the past, and hope to see you in the future.  I am going to try different techniques and hope you enjoy the outcome of whatever comes of my trial and error.DSC_0143

Angel Winged Bowl

This week I tried to change the winged Cherry Bowl as most people look at it.  Most winged bowls are shallow and it seems to be the nature to have a very even cupped out bowl if you want to have wings.  However I decided to try something different.  I cut the bowl part of the winged bowl a little deeper, which gives it more of a bowl feeling, but kept the wings that gives the traditional look.  The outcome was fantastic.  The wings reach to the sky, and the bowl has a depth that can not be found in the traditional winged bowl.  I was also able to leave some of the bark on the edges of the bowl, which gives it a rich character.  Take a look and give me your thoughts and any suggestions you may have.DSC_0143

In the weeks to come, I am going to try something I saw on a clip from one of the turning sites.  This will give me a vase with wings.  I will upload progress photos, as I think this will take several weeks to complete.

If anyone has any different techniques, please let me know, and thanks for reading.

This weekend

I am heading up to the shop this weekend and not much to get done on the cabin.  This will give me more time to finish a new cherry bowl I have in the works.  This one should be a little larger that the one on the website.  From the rough turn, it appears that it will have very beautiful grain.  I am planning to price this new bowl at a little over $20.00.  I am trying to hold the prices down to help out, with the economy being the way it is.  I do not know of anyone selling their bowls for what I have priced these at.  I must be crazy, as someone told me.

I will try to get the rest of the inventory uploaded so people can see the entire inventory I have at this time.  If you are looking for something special for someone, let me know and I can see if I have one or can make one for you.

New Sanding technique

crafts 126I just did my first bowl using a new technique for me…..  I used an orbital sander and had the lathe on a lower speed.  This caused the sand paper to do it’s job and not leave any sanding marks.  The bowl was make out of a piece of pecan that I got from a large limb that fell in town.   It only has wax polish on it and I think it came out marvelous.

I will continue to update on new projects when I get them finished.  I hope when I go up the the cabin this weekend, I can get a cherry bowl finished that has been drying for about 1 1/2 months.  A friend had to have a cherry tree cut down at her father’s house and I was lucky enough to get my hands on a good supply for the shop.

Jaybees’s Crafts

JayBees-Crafts Jaybees-Crafts is a company that strives for perfection.  We have been doing wood working for several years, but stopped to raise a family and manage a career.  Now we are at the time of our lives that we are going to enjoy life and do what we enjoy doing.  Please feel free to leave us a comment.   Thanks for looking!

Jaybee’s Crafts (Creating it for you)

Welcome to JayBees-Crafts.  We are excited to show you the newest creations in our line of hand-crafted wooden pens and wine bottle stoppers.